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  1. This body of work might have simply simply been inventive interpretation, but it’s deeper than that. Sarina defined that the lab didn’t have a pc program at the time that was in a position to} analyze the grainy grayscale microscope photographs, so that they requested Sarina to digitally hint the outlines of the cells. This made it possible to analyze the photographs and advance the study until they created an automatic program that would do the job. These two items, the first within the collection, have been hung up within the hallway outside a Harvard lab and served as focal factors for both precision machining inventive and scientific discussions. From there, Sarina moved towards of|in direction of} bigger scale items with a wider variety variety|a larger diversity} of colour palettes, resulting in her present body of work. By the morning of second day of utilizing the ShopBot for production, Flora was fairly snug loading the blanks into position, starting a file, then clearing the open facet whereas the opposite facet was machining.

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